2018: Underground. Underrated. &Unmentioned.

These artists are equally dope and linked to correspond with their project art (left to right, top to bottom). My favorite underground, underrated, and unmentioned (by me) are as followed:


  1. Lily Allen

    transparent, brave, rebellious

  2. Dominique Fils-Aimé

    classy, thrifty, meditative

  3. Left Lane Didon/Tha God Fahim

    collective, conscious, dark

  4. Tierra Whack

    theatrical, wacky, iconic

  5. Mark Battles

    relative, motivated, trained-to-go

  6. Phoelix

    flavorful, smooth, pimpin’

  7. ODIE

    empathic, passionate, hopeless romantic

  8. Leon Bridges

    soulful, timeless, psychedelic

  9. SerpentWithFeet

    mystical, poetic, falsetto

  10. Zilo

    breezy, rational, cool

  11. Henry Green

    multifaceted, melodic, bashful

  12. Abhi The Nomad

    versatile, matter-of-fact,vengeful