Beyond The Surface

Two days ago, on the 26th of October, Mick Jenkins released his sixth studio album, and it is nothing short of a masterpiece. The album, entitled Pieces of a Man, commences with jazz feels and open mic dialogue, both of which shape the rest of the album. On Pieces of a Man, The artist uses his poetic flow to speak on the purges he has been experiencing (mostly by way of resolved friendships). He also elaborates on how he has chosen to fill the fresh voids with extreme focus on himself, relationship, and craft-- and a side of recreational narcotics. Mick, rough around the edges (evident in his delivery, "bout that life" narratives and grungier music choices), manages to be so without using misogynistic terms-- a gesture I find honorable, making the album title Pieces of a Man fitting. Be sure to check out his single. Check out his single "Bruce Brunner". Pieces of a Man is available on all major platforms.
Earlier this week, Justine Skye shared a heartfelt visual for her single "Build", featuring Arin Ray, in which she speaks to a woman's burning desire to craft the perfect man worthy of love, respect and time.
Jamila Woods shares the visual for her single "Giovanna", a self-praise anthem. In the visual she channels various parts of herself through embracing aspects of her deeply rooted culture.
NAO's Saturn dropped on the 26th as promised. The album's title is symbolic of the lessons life's has to offer-- and in NAO's case by way of romance, thus the album is centered around the concept of using love as a learning tool and growth gauge. Sonically there is a nice balance between slow and up-tempo tracks, and of course NAO sounds great. The album is definitely a must-add to the vibiest of playlist. Be sure to check out the "Make It Out Alive" visual. Saturn is available on major streaming platforms.
Spacedad20xx and Cuzo Key's collaborative album, Universal Player, released on the 25th , is the epitome of southern rap-- but with twist; the collection of "love" songs is immersed in futurism, easily making Universal Player something to roll-up and ride to, or just chill. It has an ebb and flow of lo-fi instrumentation and wide ranging melodies. The album is available on all streaming platforms.
Rising star, Joji, released his second studio album this year, Ballads 1 and 'yes' is really all I want to say. The artist of Japanese-Australian heritage is well versed in many genres and eras of music, as it can be heard. He fluidly runs together psychedelic rock, pop, RnB and trap and I'm in awe. On Ballads 1 the artist speaks from the giving end of selfless love, longing to be on the receiving end, if not today than in another lifetime. The artist sings his memoirs of inadequacy as he collects his thing to go. Ballads 1 is available on major streaming platforms.