Beyond The Surface

On the 12th, upcoming RnB singer, Summer Walker, released her first full studio project entitled Last Day of Summer. Summer, who makes music for the fluidly feminine, type-A, hopeless romantic woman that will flip the script with little notice, reveals her own psychological views of how love should go. The young artist relates to many women in her desires to be free in love, not leashed to societal or superficial standards. She also presses the taboo topic of role reversal on the album's first single, "Girls Need Love", wanting it to be socially acceptable for women to assume the role of the aggressor if they choose. Overall the album gives off trap-soul vibes. Last Day of Summer is available to all platforms.
Jay Pluss, released his single "On One"exactly a week ago, just months after his project, Triple Blackness. On his new single, Jay (+) talks about laying low and mapping out his major comeback.
On the 25th, Amber Mark shared the official visual for her feel-good track "Put You On" which features rap artist DRAM.
Known soul singer, Daniel Caesar, shows us his wild side with his sexy new single "Who Hurt You?".
Khalid released his second album, Suncity days ago on the 21st. The album, seamless all around, is an open letter to the upcoming star's hometown El Paso, Texas, its latin influence sprinkled through out the album in various ways. On Suncity, Khalid celebrates being a light. What can be seen as a plague of misunderstanding is actually a gift. The singer celebrates finding the correlation between life, experience, growth and love. The album is another fusion project, off-centered between RnB and Pop on the genre spectrum. Suncity is available on all streaming platforms.
Lord Jah-Monte OGBON, brought us more "King Callis" vibes with the release of #BestRapperCLT (Real Life 3). While the rapper has chosen to go by his birth name, he remains the same in essence. The name change was essentially the embodiment of integration; the rapper continues to rhyme about his origin, destination, and everything in between. On #BestRapperCLT, Lord Jah-Monte talks about simultaneously navigating different avenues with one eye open, carefully avoiding pitfalls of the past. The lyricist is aggressive in his delivery of threatening punch lines over delicately classic lo-fi beats-- definitely a vibe.
Lost, released on the 18th, is compilation of Brent Faiyaz mixed emotions. The RnB artist is a product of a brutal environment, yet remains in tune with his emotional body. On Lost, Brent unbottles his unsettling feelings about the space between his current position and end goal. In the process of sorting through those feels, life continues to happen to Faiyaz, causing his anxiety to boil over and seep into other areas of his life. The troubled artist sings about his fear of "opps" or gold-diggers, while deeply longing to dedicate himself to a woman that will love him at his lowest. The contemporary project has 90's RnB and rock undertones and signature euphoric transitions. Lost is available on major streaming platforms.
RnB artist Amerie, who has been missing in action, has resurfaced with a double side album, Side A entitled 4AM Mulholland and Side B entitled After 4AM. On the double sided project, Amerie gives way to the idea of loving now and thinking later. Sometimes that means rehashing a failed relationship, dropping our bags ("hoes") at the door, and always ignoring the possibilities of failure. While both sides are about the same thing, they take on different sounds. I prefer Side B for its fluidity and natural tones. The album is available on all streaming platforms.