Beyond The Surface

You Are Here was released late 2018 by April + Vista, a DMV duo that came together in 2014. The album is their first-- and 3rd of a catalog inclusive of two EPs. On You Are Here the dynamic duo showcases their classical backgrounds while keeping their unique attributes infused and at the forefront-- April, a gifted writer and Vista, a sound master. Their project is all about relationship with self respectively first, then others. You Are Here is available on major platforms.
Days ago staple southern artist, Big KRIT, dropped an EP entitled TDT which is comprised of mini projects Double Down and Thrice X, released in the ladder part of 2018. Amongst the already released songs are three new tracks, "Energy", "1 Oh Oh" and "4 Tha Three".
I vowed that 2019 would be 'Hashtag: MoreTrap2019', so I will be sure to include a trap (in this case versatile) artist with each BTS post. Los Angeles artist, Huey Briss delivered on said versatility with the release of "Regardless", a track in opposition of his usual West Coast lo-fi sound, captured on Black Wax, a collaborative project with producer, Niko Beats.
On January 4, UK sound engineer, Marc Mac released the eighth part to a continuum documentary on wax, Beats N Knowledge". All Power To The People, like the other seven parts, consists of historic educational audio over sounds by Marc Mac, this cute specifically focuses on the legacy of the Black Panther Party-- genius and truly a vibe.
Urban soprano, Ryahn, delivers a hit about living up to romantic desires with the release of her single, "Popstar". Other recent singles can be found on major streaming platforms like Apple Music along with her breakout track, "Baby Boy", released 3 years ago.