Beyond the Surface: Synchronicities


This Memorial Day, upcoming producer, Jerm Scorsese celebrated his arrival to limitlessness with the release of his debut album, Synchronicities, a twenty minute spin capable of transporting us all from one end of the rabbit hole to the other. On Synchronicities, Scorsese unconventionally fuses oriental soundscapes, disco-vogue and basic percussion into one fantastical house-music simulation which in turn has hypnotic effects (that seamlessly guided me from a head nod to a sway... to a full on body throw). While the focal point of Synchronicities is the music, the frequencies are at times accompanied by affirming dialogue meant to shake up the collective. My personal favorites off the project happen to be the closing acts: "Your", "Vibration", and "!!!"-- the latter equivalent to the trendy phrase "talk yo shit!". Definitely take my word for it and catch a vibe; stream Synchronicities on your favorite platform.