Beyond the Surface

Soul singer and Dreamville artist, Ari Lennox, intimately shares the ins-outs of a break-up she experienced years ago with her song "Whipped Cream"-- the title reminiscent of her go-to comfort food at the time. Days ago, on the 5th, she shared the visual for the song which beautifully captures the gist of the relationship.
In contrast, IAMDDB's "Drippy" embodies self-worth. This concept is expressed both visually and lyrically as the multi-faceted artist flosses designer gear while eluding to "leveling up" in men. The song is one of eight that can be found on her album, Flightmode, Vol. 4 released in June of this year on all streaming platforms.
Former Danity Kane, then Dirty Money member, Dawn (now solo), shares the visual for her single "Jealously". While the song is a message to her man's lingering ex-girlfriend, the visual is much more abstract, capturing cultural and lighting aesthetics.
Full Moon Bloom is JuztKP's 3rd studio album. Like his other projects he discusses the topics that matter, but tend to get little air time in pop culture. The album opens up with "In the Waters", a song about being reborn with the revelation of self as a "black" man of royal blood. He goes on to discuss his overstanding of oppression as an illusion, touching on the many efforts to keep the indigenous aloof of their cosmic origins and potential. Such efforts include miseducation, drug wars, mass incarceration, mass murder, and contaminated water supply, just to scratch the surface. Like other conscious rappers as of late, JuztKP predicts that divine intervention is near as prophesied in ancient and modern texts. He ties his exoteric gains to those within himself, acknowledging his growth by way love and fatherhood. This West Coast vibe can be found on all streaming platforms.
"Spirit" is one of two love songs that ambient duo, Majid Jordan released on the 7th, almost a year after the release of his album, The Space Between.
"Circles" by Dahlia is a metaphor for isolation-- the result of her neo-soul longing to escape the cycles she keeps finding herself in along with her unhealthy "survival" habits.
"Think About It" by Hunnah was released at the top of summer. On it the RnB artist comes clean about unresolved feelings she's been carrying from a previous relationship.


Lady Lady, jazz musician, Masego's sophomore album is the ultimate vibe for creative bachelors, centered around intimacy or lack thereof, and full of heart throbbing sensual sounds. While the musician constantly longs for, pursues, and speaks to true intimacy (love), he is actually fearful of it-- poetically revealed throughout the album. His fearful reactions to the possibility of love is easily masked as a healthy appetite for women and excitement, his reasoning for protesting commitment. The timeless album can be found on all streaming platforms.
Guru's Groove is Philly's Jazz Singer, Masie Blu's debut EP. Only consisting of three tracks, the project is a farewell to her once lover and a "hello' to herself. Without the extra baggage, she is more equipped for her spiritual journey to healing and peace-- a message.