Beyond The Surface

On the 12th, London turned U.S. RnB star, Ella Mai released her self-titled debut album, which is solely about love. The acronym "ELLA" is revealed as the album progresses to highlight emotion, lust, love, and awareness as progressive stages of romance. Ella uses ballads and two-part harmonies to address her short-comings and offerings-- made privy by conscious involvement, and she celebrates being loved regardless of imperfection. The singer brings light to the idea of using love as a healing mechanism, understanding that healing through love is only possible when all parties surrender their need to control and embrace vulnerability-- a twin flame concept. Obviously the singer is a hopeless romantic. The album, well-written, cohesive, and diverse, is ultimately a classic RnB album made simple. Ella Mai is available on all streaming platforms.
Earlier this week, Mahalia shared the official visual for her single, "Surprise Me". The visual is collection of choreographed candids of a seemingly great love, while the song is Mahalia's acceptance of the thought-to-be love as an illusion. The single is one of five on Mahalia's EP, Seasons.
Longtime RnB artist, Nivea has returned over a decade later after being sidelined by the industry. The diamond in the ruff was the first chosen to unveil the raw truths behind her career coming to a sudden halt years ago on BET's web docu-series, "Finding". Shortly after its airing on September 21st, Nivea released her single, "Circles" which is a sure RnB hit.
Champagne Eyes is AlunaGeorge's third studio project and also a concise personification of the divine feminine becoming aware of herself. Aluna eludes to the patriarchal idealism of the divine feminine, speaking on the expectation to be perfect, "emotional", dependent and "wholesome". The artist classifies her work as RnB/soul but there are definitely some stylistic fusions present in her music. The EP is available on all streaming platforms.