Conquering Demons

Too often we attend to the material things. We focus on getting a certain job or achieving a tangible goal, such as weight loss or purchasing a house, but the truth is, and this has been said before-- none of those things will bring you the peace or joy you truly desire. The key to ultimate peace and joy is being whole and complete, and to be those things a transformational process must happen within. Healing is a part of this process and conquering demons is a part of healing. 

Naming your demons

First, I want to say that they aren't our demons, or mine or yours. They are demons or low vibrational spirits that have attached themselves to us and therefore can be detached. We are always aware of these spirits at some level of consciousness, and sometimes aware of the healing that needs to take place, but we tend to overlook it. An analogy for this type of awareness would be visiting a grocery store. At the grocery store we are exposed to tons of different veggies and fruits or varieties of cereal, all of which we have skimmed over and others of which we have actually walk up to, smelled, held, and got to know. Now we are able to put names to certain veggies, fruits or cereal brands every time we  come in contact with them even if we don't always encounter them at the same grocery chain. Well, those types of nameless spirits are attached to us and they show up in different forms-- ie. road rage, defensiveness, casual sex, and gossiping are just a few examples of the long list of possible forms these negative low vibrational spirits show up as actions and character traits. We are usually able to justify these behaviors very well, usually placing blame elsewhere (a cause), which led to our reaction (effect); however, it is time to be accountable for our own actions and understand that the way we choose to behave and navigate our way through life is a reflection of ourselves and the demons we have collected.

When I say 'name your demons', I don't mean literally-- but get up close and personal with them by paying attention to your negative and self-sabotaging behaviors and question when you started exhibiting them, or who are you around when you exhibit them, question why, where they stem from, and especially question exactly what low vibrational energy is holding you down. See, there isn't a road rage or gossip spirit per say, but maybe that road rage is the spirit of anger or impulse, and the habit of gossiping is in really the spirit of insecurity or jealousy because “I’ve never met a mean person that was happy”. As I said before our actions are a reflection of us! And the truth is truly happy and peaceful people are not negative.

Awareness: What, How, When, Where, Who, and Why?

Once you are able to identify or name (the what) the negative spirits keeping you from obtaining peace and happiness, address the other vital questions.

How: How does this spirit express itself through you? Your response here would be an action word or verb and should be expressed as a complete thought. (Ex) The spirit of impulse expresses itself through me by acting before I think, sometimes causing me to be emotionally and physically abusive and later makes me feel remorseful and embarrassed, and requiring me to apologize more than I would like. BE AS DETAILED as you need to be, while remaining concise, this is more effective for your healing.

When and How: When did you start exhibiting these behaviors? At what age? And when do you exhibit them now? In what types of situations? (Ex) I started experiencing the spirit of impulse as a child in the form of temper tantrums when I was told "no" and when I would fight. Now I become impulsive when I am overwhelmed with emotion. I become impulsive when someone says something to make my blood boil by get nasty back with them, or at the mall when I am overwhelmed with admiration or desire and I end up buying things I do not need or cannot afford.

Where: In what type of environment to these negative spirits show up through your actions? Where did you first witness these negative spirits outside of yourself and how did you feel about them? (Ex) I can be anywhere and experience the spirit of impulse, but is the strongest and hardest to conquer in environments where I feel attacked or judged or when I am not sober. I first witnessed impulse at the age of 3 or 4. I watched my mom's anger escalate from verbal disagreements to punching out glass windows during street altercations. At that time the spirit of impulse was frightening and hurtful to me.

Being able to identify your feelings towards the negative spirits in someone else's actions and apart from your actions will allow you to be less biased about the ugly reality of the demons attached to you and will ignite a desire in you to want to conquer them.

Who and How: Who first exposed you to these spirits through behavior or character? Was it a person you admire or a person of influence? And who do you want to be? (Ex) I first met the spirit of impulse through my mom, who I look up to and learn a lot from. I want to be a loving, rational, even tempered, patient, creative person, who inspires and heals through various creative channels such as blogging. (Feel absolutely free to write a whole page or book on the version of yourself you would be proud of completely). I can start working towards achieving the desired version of myself by remaining aware of the negative spirits attached to me and planning to get ahead of them by setting boundaries and guidelines for myself such as remaining sober, removing profanity words that label people things besides their name from my vocabulary, and continuing to stay abreast on tips provided in the thousands of self help articles on the subject.

Why: Why do you allow the spirits to show up in your actions? Why do you identify them as negative spirits and want to detach yourself from them? (Ex) I allow the spirit of impulse to overtake me because it serves as a quick release/expression of the emotions overwhelming myself in the moment. I identify impulse as a negative spirit and would like to detach from it because it can sometimes cause hurt to others or damage to myself and often leave me regretful. Also, I do not like acting emotionally unintelligent.

Now to end on a positive note, write and speak an affirmation that clearly states the spirit you are going to conquer and how.

“I have complete control and power over myself. I have allowed the spirit of impulse to show up in my actions, but today I choose to revoke its presence and access. I will speak this affirmation every time the spirit of impulse attempts to show up and show out. I run this show, with class and ration.”

Now replace the negative spirit with a positive one that can get the job done and is in align with who you want to be.

“From now on when I am overwhelmed with emotions, I will allow the spirit of poise to step in and show up in my actions. Poise will allow me the time I need to think things through and be one with my higher self.”

Remember conquering demons or negative behavioral habits more than likely will be difficult, but nothing you cannot overcome and achieve. Stay focused on the version of yourself you would be completely proud of and alway strive to be in align with that; sooner or later you will be much lighter and won’t even recognize that lower vibrational version of yourself.