Intro to Christ Consciousness: Section 111

Who is Christ?

Christ has been referred to by many names. Some say Jesus, which has been transliterated to Yeshua or Yahushua, and you even have those that view Gandhi as a Christ. What is important to remember about these figures is their way of being. They were exemplary leaders, each a driven visionary and lover that faced trial and ridicule with wisdom and poise . It has been said and written that Christ is the son of God or God in the flesh, but I am here to tell you that we are also. Christ is God as God is in all, and therefore Christ was a walking example of what we all are capable of being.

What is Christ Consciousness?

When we think of the term Christ we think of some one-off supreme human, but in actuality, Christ is a consciousness available in all on us. It is a state of awareness that makes truth available to us and a state from which we operate on the frequency of love in favor of the masses. At this level of ascension we are no longer plagued with emotional or physical pain, anger, hate and other low vibrational feelings. Instead we are completely healed and capable of healing others; we are open, honest, and loving. At this state you are responsible and accountable for your own power. This state of being is often depicted as surreal, but it is very real.

Where does it come from?

Christ consciousness is a gift from The Creator. With that being said it is not something that just falls out the sky and hits us on the head, it is intricately woven into our being and we only access it through free will. While some of us may be mentally stronger while others are more spiritually devoted, Christ consciousness is available in everyone. Mastering it is not easier or harder for one person over the other because it really is like going to war with yourself.


When we observe the biblical story of Adam and Eve, we are made aware that both delighted in ignorance of the unknown until they ate an apple from the tree of knowledge. Eating the apple then gave them free will. Will, you see, is the gift and curse, and it is the only way to Christ consciousness as it was the way from it. In order to be your higher (Christ) self you simply have to make a choice and be willing to do whatever is in align with that or-- the more challenging thing, stop doing things that are not in align with that. Christ consciousness starts with an awareness of self always! It is not an opportunity to switch your spirit out for a new one, it is an open invitation for transformation, and to transform something you have to know the basis of what with you’re working. So you first have to be honest with yourself. What are my healthy habits? Which of my habits are harmful? Do I harbour resentment? Do I think positively? Am I selfish?-- You get the point. Secondly, you have to have some sort of vision of you in such state of consciousness. Vision comes with knowledge and meditation, so learn more about Christ consciousness, and identify your feelings towards Christ, whether it be one biblical figure or numerous historical figures. Determine what you need to incorporate or remove to be progressive in your walk. What does that look and feel like from the inside of your being? The easiest way to view yourself is through rose-colored glasses or from a frequency of love, rather than fear. When you begin to act or think in everyday life ask is it from love or fear, and be honest with yourself as Christ consciousness is about purity. It is the frequency of love that allowed Christ to be so forgiving, healing, dedicated, and rational, and fear that nearly drove him to deny the prophecy he was called to fulfill. We must be bigger than our physical world obstacles and always resonate with the spirit.

Christ consciousness is something that is being talked about more frequently and openly with the decline in religious interests, and so of course there are thousands of articles on paths to Christ Consciousness. Some of the encouraged spiritual practices of these paths are: meditation, yoga, and prayer, but at the core of each is a centeredness and awareness of self. I encourage you to find what works for you and to be devoted to your mission. No matter what, don’t give up and seize opportunity to access yourself and prosper. 


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