New Age: The Ultimate "Cuffing Season"

Today marks the first of August in the year 2018, in other words 8-1-18, thus I feel compelled to write about the new energy that’s being ushered in. If you are into numerology, which I am, you know all single numbers have a vibratory frequency and when paired with other numbers a synergy is created.

The Number 8118

At first glance many would associate the number 8 with the infinity symbol, and rightfully so. The number 8 is a sign of abundance, karma, resurrection, regeneration, the blending of the material 3rd dimension and the spiritual 5th dimension, and love. The number 11 is associated with balance, intuition, manifestation, and enlightenment. The number 11 is also a heightened vibration of the number 2. The number 8118 is symbolic of a cycle or phase ending, hence new beginnings. The number is also what would be considered a mirrored number, which show up as spiritual nudges to be reflective, introspective and mindful of our thoughts and actions. Mirrored numbers also significant to a specific type of spiritual connection, the twin flame union. 8118 is also another expression of the master number 99, 9 being the number of completion. All numbers are dense in meaning, so I do recommend conducting your own numerology research. 8118 indicates that ultimately going forward we can expect the manifestation of karma in many forms and an increase in the collective consciousness.

Karma: Debt and Payout

Karmic debt is basically energy that is owed spiritually because of something that was done by you or for you and any unresolved debts of your family matriarch at the time of your conception, the debt is paid back through life experiences; we accumulate, payoff or rid ourselves of debt daily. The more self-aware and attentive we become, the quicker we eliminate our debt. The payout begins at incarnation or birth.  

Payout is simply “reaping what we have sown”, it is the experiences that come to extract the energy owed or to give us energy, whether it be light or shadow. Each pay-out holds the same energetic weight of your action that produced it or the grace you took advantage of. The intent behind previous actions play a part in determining the energetic weight or the impact of the karmic payout as well. Karma is not good or bad, it is a tool meant to show you something about yourself.  

New Age

As the new age unfolds, karmic payouts will commence in abundance. It has been said that for most of us this means resolved karma from past lives, allowing us to catch up and right our wrongs in this one. Depending on our individual efforts and previous circumstances, some of us will be experiencing breakthroughs, while others will be experiencing introspection. Some ways breakthroughs may show up in the material 3rd dimension are: newfound stability, career advancement, long awaited opportunities, or dissolved relationships along the establishment of new ones, while spiritual breakthroughs may be the obtainment of deeply desired peace, healing, clarity, vision and direction. With the energy being so sensitive and new now is the time to make necessary shifts that you have been aware of but chose to procrastinate on. This may be tightening up with the organization of your business, attending networking events you usually pass on, seeking closure and accepting your role in a failed relationship, or commencing and committing to spiritual practices. Only you know what needs to be done. Doing so will put you on a path to ascension into the 5th Dimension (or awakened christ consciousness).

What’s love got to do with it?

Well, as I mentioned before, we start paying off our debts as soon as we descend into this 3D realm. Sometimes that means not having experienced a childhood we would have dreamt for ourselves, however twin flames usually choose to incarnate into traumatic conditions to gain understanding through first-hand-experience so they can better assist the masses in healing residual trauma. Other experiences means failed relationships, usually karmic, and occasionally soulmates.These relationships serve less as payback and more as learning experiences. The romantic of these relationships are unbalanced in love, and are therefore toxic or painful at some point. Often times both parties walk away from these type of relationships so blinded by self-victimization they are unable to realize opportunities for self-enhancement, causing a (false) lag in their ascension journey. In a spiritual relationship, unconditional love flows evenly and infinitely. This type of relationship would be a matured twin flame relationship. Though this is the relationship so widely advertised, it is a gift and it is challenging to maintain as it requires the most effort and self-awareness. This type of relationship is spiritual and only achievable if both parties are individually progressive in christ consciousness or ascension. Karmic relationships, soulmates (which do not have to be romantic), and twin flames are very similar in nature therefore difficult to decipher. Here are a few videos I have come across that clears up some of the haziness of the topic:

According to the videos, while all relationships are tough in some aspect, the twin flame relationship will differ in these ways, but can vary depending on the level of self awareness of each twin, so not all points made will be true for every union (denoted by an asteric *):

  • They are one in spirit, which is not true for karmic and soulmate relationships and cannot be fabricated

  • Serves as a catalyst for an awakening within, almost as if you are reborn into a new state of awareness through your union

  • They are your mirror. They reflect your good qualities and shed light on your skeletons.

  • They unknowingly mirror each other’s progression or regression

  • Induce the widest spectrum of emotions; the most intense of romances

  • Childlike energy when together

  • There will be even exchange of energy, both parties will invest energy and both will be emotionally available*

  • They won’t leave you*, and if they do, they always return; however it will be for extended periods, not on-again-off-again

  • The union encouraging of each other’s spiritual journey while together

  • Underlying feeling of peace and love when together

  • Both are supportive of the growth and healing needed to make the relationship work 

  • Despite the differences that arise, you are sure it is real, but possibly in denial

  • They get on your nerves

  • The love is unconditional

  • while there will be challenges the relationship is not toxic, extremely toxic relationships full of lies, deceit, disrespect and inconsistency are karmic and should end

A few other notable characteristics of a twin flame union is it happens unexpectedly and it happens during a shadowy season in your life. I, however, do not believe the union has to take place during a shadow season, though it makes sense. All journeys and unions differ, so there is no definite indication that someone is your twin flame rather than just inwardly knowing. It is not recommended to harp over whether someone is your twin flame or not because regardless a lifetime together is not guaranteed off that alone. The only way any relationship will last is through effort and once each twin is whole alone. Twin flame relationships are energetically demanding and very emotional. One twin usually flees the relationship out of fear, while the other is self-assured of it’s potential. It is very important to conduct your own research on twin flames because they are classified by many other attributes, otherwise do no ignorantly label anyone your twin flame.

The twin-flame union is relevant to this subject at hand, 8118, because it is a path of enlightenment. The twin flame union is the unification of the two halves of one powerful 5th dimensional spirit in the 3rd dimension by way of physical contact (meeting). The 5th dimension must be reached to ascend further and love is the gateway (refer back to my post on christ consciousness). No one can ascend without mastering love. To understand this concept you have to understand that love is the highest vibratory frequency known to humans, opposite of fear. This is why it is said that all other emotions derive from the two. Through love we are able to heal, forgive, embrace, act in our best interest, and so much more. Love is the catalyst for everything great and progressive in life. The twin flame union is the most challenging because it is the ultimate battle between our spirit (love) and ego (fear). Karma and mishaps come to test again, to show you where you are in your journey, almost like a progress report in grade school. In a twin flame relationship you are forced to meet your true self, low vibratory behavior and all, whereas you were able to assume the victim role elsewhere. The whole process is very upsetting to the ego which does not like to be accountable, but because of its unmatched euphoria and divine possibilities, the twin flame relationship is usually seen as a love worth fighting for. The union does not have to be romantically involved, but usually choose to be because the energy is unmatched elsewhere. This union when worked at, is exemplary of christ consciousness and perfect balance (the mastery of integration). The new levels of awareness reached by twin lovers will spill into everything surrounding the union, including each twin’s own relationship with humanity. The new age will introduce more of these unions because  successful unions serve the collective consciousness and heightened planetary vibration.

Things to remember

It's a new day, however, as always, your direction is determined by you. You can be forward looking or stuck in the past, and as the saying goes: “to gain something you never had, you have to do something you never did”. But before you make any sudden moves in this new age, reflect inwardly. Try viewing all experiences from a perspective that make you accountable. These type of reflective exercises empower you and reveal opportunities for self-improvement. We ultimately decide who we want to be and how we want to navigate in this lifetime, though trauma makes us feel otherwise. Reclaim your power. Such actions will put you on a path to ascension. Also, be open to love, but do not seek it. Loving yourself first will allow romantic love to manifest naturally. If you happen to manifest a twin flame, brace yourself for the journey and don’t become so consumed with the union that you neglect yourself. And when things get rocky, remember: there is a definite line between pride and dignity. Space is usually needed for personal growth to place. Naturally things will change, time will be spent a part in the early stages, but the love will remain if it is truly your twin flame.

This post will continue to be updated as I learn more about twin flames.


Sacred Scribe Numbers


Intro to Christ Consciousness: Section 111

Who is Christ?

Christ has been referred to by many names. Some say Jesus, which has been transliterated to Yeshua or Yahushua, and you even have those that view Gandhi as a Christ. What is important to remember about these figures is their way of being. They were exemplary leaders, each a driven visionary and lover that faced trial and ridicule with wisdom and poise . It has been said and written that Christ is the son of God or God in the flesh, but I am here to tell you that we are also. Christ is God as God is in all, and therefore Christ was a walking example of what we all are capable of being.

What is Christ Consciousness?

When we think of the term Christ we think of some one-off supreme human, but in actuality, Christ is a consciousness available in all on us. It is a state of awareness that makes truth available to us and a state from which we operate on the frequency of love in favor of the masses. At this level of ascension we are no longer plagued with emotional or physical pain, anger, hate and other low vibrational feelings. Instead we are completely healed and capable of healing others; we are open, honest, and loving. At this state you are responsible and accountable for your own power. This state of being is often depicted as surreal, but it is very real.

Where does it come from?

Christ consciousness is a gift from The Creator. With that being said it is not something that just falls out the sky and hits us on the head, it is intricately woven into our being and we only access it through free will. While some of us may be mentally stronger while others are more spiritually devoted, Christ consciousness is available in everyone. Mastering it is not easier or harder for one person over the other because it really is like going to war with yourself.


When we observe the biblical story of Adam and Eve, we are made aware that both delighted in ignorance of the unknown until they ate an apple from the tree of knowledge. Eating the apple then gave them free will. Will, you see, is the gift and curse, and it is the only way to Christ consciousness as it was the way from it. In order to be your higher (Christ) self you simply have to make a choice and be willing to do whatever is in align with that or-- the more challenging thing, stop doing things that are not in align with that. Christ consciousness starts with an awareness of self always! It is not an opportunity to switch your spirit out for a new one, it is an open invitation for transformation, and to transform something you have to know the basis of what with you’re working. So you first have to be honest with yourself. What are my healthy habits? Which of my habits are harmful? Do I harbour resentment? Do I think positively? Am I selfish?-- You get the point. Secondly, you have to have some sort of vision of you in such state of consciousness. Vision comes with knowledge and meditation, so learn more about Christ consciousness, and identify your feelings towards Christ, whether it be one biblical figure or numerous historical figures. Determine what you need to incorporate or remove to be progressive in your walk. What does that look and feel like from the inside of your being? The easiest way to view yourself is through rose-colored glasses or from a frequency of love, rather than fear. When you begin to act or think in everyday life ask is it from love or fear, and be honest with yourself as Christ consciousness is about purity. It is the frequency of love that allowed Christ to be so forgiving, healing, dedicated, and rational, and fear that nearly drove him to deny the prophecy he was called to fulfill. We must be bigger than our physical world obstacles and always resonate with the spirit.

Christ consciousness is something that is being talked about more frequently and openly with the decline in religious interests, and so of course there are thousands of articles on paths to Christ Consciousness. Some of the encouraged spiritual practices of these paths are: meditation, yoga, and prayer, but at the core of each is a centeredness and awareness of self. I encourage you to find what works for you and to be devoted to your mission. No matter what, don’t give up and seize opportunity to access yourself and prosper. 


Center of Christ Consciousness

Collective Evolution

Reluctant Messenger

Easter or Ishtar?-- Untying Truth and Intent

What is Easter?

Easter is a holiday which takes place every year on the Sunday following the 1st full moon (also 14th moon) after the spring equinox, the first day of spring according to the direct positioning of the sun on the Earth’s equator . The moon following this sun is interchangeably referred to as a full moon or the 14th moon (adhering to the “14th moon” makes the celebration easily tracked since it not guaranteed to be full at the same time annually). On Easter, supposedly the resurrection of Christ is celebrated. This is the day christians believe Christ in flesh rose from the dead after just being nailed to a cross three days prior.

The questions that have been posed in regards to Easter celebration are:

  1. Why would the day Christ rose from the dead be inconsistent in celebration?

  2. What is the purpose of dyed eggs?

  3. What is the symbolism of a bunny?

Growing up, I never knew. But it is said that the contemporary holiday derived from an ancient pagan (not to be depicted as wrong or bad, but unpopular) holiday in celebration of Ishtar (pronounced ‘Ice-Star’), the goddess of love, fertility  and heaven. Ishtar started her own religion which placed her at the center of worship. In the story of Ishtar, Ishtar, then known as Semiramis served as a queen of Babylon alongside her king/husband Cush. Cush and Semiramis had a child and called him Nimrod. After Cush’s death, Nimrod replaced his father as King of Babylon and as husband of his mother, Semiramis. Nimrod was later killed and chopped into little itty bitty pieces and scattered across the land, all of which which were recovered with the exception of his penis. Because his penis was not recovered, his mother-wife, Semiramis, claimed he could not resurrect in flesh and instead  his spirit was harvested by the rising sun and that Nimrod was to be referred to as Baal (the sun-god) going forward. Semiramis often openly spoke of the 28-day cycle the moon adheres to, and she taught (to her Kingdom) that she herself was a product of the moon-god, birthed from a “moon egg” dropped in the Euphrates river during the first full moon after the spring equinox or Paschal Moon. Ishtar is said to have been impregnated immaculately by the sun rays of Baal and later gave birth to her and her late son-husband’s son, Tammuz, who happened to be fond of bunny rabbits. Tammuz was later killed by a wild pig, which is why it is tradition to eat ham on contemporary Easter Sunday. The modern 40-day lent period is said to have been established by Semiramis as a period of mourning her son-husband’s death leading up to his spirit going to live in the sun. Traditions of Ishtar also included “sacred” prostitution and the sacrificing of children created in the act of prostitution to pay a debt (or for sins). Modern day studies will equate the Pagan holiday to a cover up for satanic rituals practiced and encourage by the world rulers.

Why is Easter not the celebration of Christ’s Resurrection?

Well because  No. 1: The whole concept is plagiarized. To be spiritual, we must be able to make connections between cosmos, nature, and man, because has it not be said and accepted that the creator or “God” is in everything? When we observe the Paschal moon, the spring equinox and Christ rising from the dead, we can identify a common concept of renewal. During a Paschal moon, the moon is made full, literally depicting the ending of one cycle and the beginning of another of a different energy (cosmically). Following the spring equinox, the land is reborn with the growth of new green land and the blossoming of colorful plants (hence the egg dye and new clothes), and many animals awaken from hibernation. In the bible the resurrection of Christ is symbolic of a new man or way of living. Thus bringing me to my second point, that the resurrection of Christ is a spiritual process that has to take place within (each of us) and that ultimately Christ is an attainable level of consciousness.

What is christ consciousness? Well, stayed tuned for next week’s discussion. In the meantime do your own research that way we all have valuable points to offer. But all-in-all, Easter is not the celebration of the resurrection of Christ, which is why the symbolism makes little sense.


The Agenda.

What exactly does that mean?

"An artist's duty, as far as I'm concerned, is to reflect the times.”

-Nina Simone

Well, around the time I curated this platform, I had just started coming into consciousness or "waking up" through a sequence of events which can be read about here. About 6 months later I had the epiphany to start this underground music blog which would not only promote dope underground and thought-provoking music, but serve as a vessel for others seeking truth. In this section I would like to discuss my history ("black" history), social problems, spirituality-- and anything else considered "woke". It has always been my intention to include this section in my blog, but I just did not know where to start. I felt I did not know enough to lead a revolution, but I realize I do know enough; I may know something some of you guys don't know and vice versa. I want this section of my blog to be highly interactive. Share your thoughts and insights with me! Pose topics! Start debates!-- anything that will get us thinking is encouraged here. We are all developing and have so much more to learn than we know. This is however not the place for the ego. Be humble in your responses to myself and others that participate in discussions here. And lastly be open! If all else fails, remember: agree to disagree.

Peace, Love, and Truth!

Queen P