Originally Published June 12,2018


Draft has returned, and apparently to reclaim his crown as the King after a very quiet 2 year hiatus. King Draft released his 4th studio album just days ago on his birthday, June 14th. Similar to all June releases by Kanye’s label, G.O.O.D Music, oddly King Draft’s album only has 7 tracks. When asked if that decision was a result of the the Kanye’s influential power, the rapper said “We (he and Producer, Jerm Scorsese) had the idea for it years ago. Not even being funny (LOL). It just became cool”. The album is entitled Two Eyes.

Overall the album is a sequel to the artist’s earlier works, adding key points  of social injustices and obstacles to his thesis, funneled into how his outlook has been changed by them. Just like a funnel, the subject of refocus (emphasis on “re”) does not become crystal clear until the closing track “2 I’s”. The title alone gave me an inkling of the project being centered around the idea of  two versions of himself, crucified and resurrected. King Draft later expanded on my initial thoughts, clarifying “(It) is two different perspectives of your (own) life. You’re living your life, but you’re also replaying it constantly, analyzing decisions you made; sometimes you spend too much time analyzing and not living.” Relistening, it all makes sense; Draft has a way of interchangeably telling stories from different point of views. “Make Sen$e” is told from all viewpoints, the moral being the importance of practicality during the pursuit of vision, and he foresees vibrantly. Again, elaborating, the the artist states “It’s about making sense of your situation. Most people at this age are winging it, hoping it works out. Hoping they can survive off of what they’re doing”. And the lessons don’t stop there.

Two Eyes differs in Draft’s level of maturity from his earlier works. The two year time lapse has brought Draft into a new quarter and allotted him wisdom. His maturity is evident in how the Hip-Hop lyricist recaps loved ones’ deaths (literally and figuratively) as a result of gang violence. On the opposite end of the spectrum, Draft tells progressive love stories which end in marriage-- a milestone the public has not known the artist to achieve. Notable music references include Tweet’s “Oops” on “Catch My Breath” and Mary Jane Girls’ “All Night Long” on the track “Matrimony”, just to name a couple. Sounds of many era’s can be heard throughout the album with the inclusion of different drum styles and string tunes by Executive Producer, Jerm Scorsese. This album also includes more features than usual, expanding the musicality of King Draft’s Music. Considering all attributes, Two Eyes is sonically and historically a timeless work of art.