I can be “awkward”. It’s going take some time to feel me out, and that’s ok. And when you’re feeling salty??, mind ya business. It’s a BLOG, people.



I have been trying to figure out what to say to you guys for months because it seemed like to “usual” thing to do and I just really haven’t been able to come up with anything. If there is anything you guys would like to know or need help with, most definitely reach out. Other than that, I am still developing my blog. I have no plans (yet) to interview, but I would love to make some if anyone is  willing to let me go in on them, lol. I kid.– I also would like to challenge my creative abilities by taking on Creative Directing, so if you guys need ideas or a vision for a project, visual, WHATEVER!, please reach out to me, so we can be of assistance to each other, because like I said I really want to experiment and materialize my creative ideas.

Hmm. I really don’t try to find things to say; if I feel like something needs to be said, meaning I think it is something you guys would benefit from or may be interested in, then I will most definitely compose a text post. Feel free to email me submissions, post ideas, and even suggestions (I try to keep my SHego in check *side-eye* lol). But really y’all I’m all about great vibes, good energy, spiritual advancement and all that other hippie stuff. I look forward to opening up (yikes!) and connecting with you guys as time goes on. I appreciate any one that supports my vision and movement even with me still developing it. LOVE y’all!

Many hugs and vibes! Bye.

-The Queen Herself, P