Travis Scott dropped another subtly "woke" visual for "YOSEMITE", my favorite track off his album ASTROWORLD. Since its release, I have grown to appreciated the album more.

On the 30th, rapper Meek Mill released his album, Championships. On the 19 track album, Meek covers everything from what sent him to the pin to getting out and questioning what it really means to be free. He talks humble beginnings, guns, crime, and dilemmas of the heart. Championships, in a way, is a personal celebration of beating the odds and coming into clean money. On the project, Meek gets flashy with his lyrics and to really do it big, he drafted artist like of Jay Z, Drake, and Rick Ross, all "Big Tymers" of today. My favorite songs off the project are the intro, "What's Free" and "Dangerous". Championships is available on major streaming platforms.
Nicki released yet another dope visual, this time for her single "Good Form" which feature Lil Wayne. The song can be heard on her Queen album.
On the 30th, Alessia Cara released her sophomore album, Pains of Growing and it is solid. As the title eludes, the project discusses life's experiences that force growth upon us, focusing heavily on love, heartbreak and the depression that may swoop down to overtake us shortly after. On Pains of Growing, As a result, Alessia was forced to overcome abandonment and a wavering self-esteem. The young singer even cries out to the Creator in confusion about ongoing strife over money, fame, and race on "7 days", a song I really enjoy amongst others such as "I Don't Want to", "All We Know", "Comfortable", and "Nintendo Game". The album is surely Pop, but Alessia's rich husky voice and the projects instrumentation gives Pains of Growing a 60's edge. The album is available on major streaming platforms.
Days ago, Chance The Rapper released two singles "My Own Thing" which features 2 Chainz and "The Man Who Has Everything". From the sound and look of it, both songs are tracks from Chances infamous album in the works.
Trey Songz released a sexy double sided album entitled 11/28, side 11 for slower vibes and side 28 for more up tempo vibes.