Someway, somehow the internet has been graced with new music from TDE’s empress, SZA. While SZA has publicly spoken on a complete project, she has yet to reveal any specifics. What I was able to gather about her upcoming project, an EP supposedly entitled, Honesty, is that it will consist of 5 tracks, 4 of which I was lucky enough to hear (smiles). BUT, because I am a SZA “stan”, I am choosing to share only one of the 5 tracks, the original version of “Love Galore”, which still features Travis Scott. The track list for Honesty is as followed:

  1. Love Galore (Original) feat. Travis Scott

  2. Back Together feat. Mark Ronson & Keith Parker

  3. Passport

  4. Inside Man

  5. Die for You (Weeknd RMX)

    There is no rumored release date, only speculation that the project may be one of a couple TDE projects to drop later this year.

Days ago on the 12th, rap superstar and active member of The Migos, Quavo released his first solo album, Quavo Huncho. The album is a little over an hour long and has some highlights. It includes a variety of sounds and some unexpected features, but overall remains true to the trap genre. On Quavo Huncho, Quavo really gives more of his own perspective. He continues to talk about the fruits of his labor as he does on Migos records, but he gets a little more intimate speaking on his private life; on "Huncho Dreams" he implies that he and Nicki are an item, something that has been questioned in the recent months. The album is available on all streaming platforms.
On the 12th, pop-star, released a new single "I'm Still Here". On it Sia sings about the dark night of the soul and the challenges and tests that arise during the event, all of which have to be conquered and learned from in order reach one's higher self.
On the 11th, UK based four woman band, Little Mix released the official visual for their single "Woman Like Me" which features female rapper Nicki Minaj. The song empowers women to remain true to themselves versus bending at a man's will, even when the innate desire for companionship arises.
On the 12th Usher and trending producer, Zaytoven dropped a collaborative project, entitled "A". On "A" hot commodity, Usher continues his playboy antics-- he messes up, quickly "learns his lesson", grovels at the feet of his love only to later continue his hot pursuit of the abundant women accessible to him. Despite the subjects at hand, the sexy and hip album provides a nice listening experience for women as well, especially if they've left their man in the dog house. Overall the project is solid. "A" is available on major streaming platforms.
On the 10th, pop Princess, Ariana Grande released the official video for her record "Breathin". The visual is very simple and quite abstract, but what I took from it is: no matter what, we should continue to find our way. "Breathin" is off her most recent album Sweetener.