Childish Gambino released a thought-provoking visual for his single "Feels like Summer", released in July. The song itself is a metaphorical prophecy foretelling the end of the world (as we know it). While the lyrics refers to the issue of "global warming", the visual goes on to depict how the signs have manifested in the ways of humanity which is characterized by famous peers.
Longtime Hip-Hop lyricist, Eminem released Kamikaze on the 31st in response to the backlash Revival (December 2017) received. On Kamikaze, Eminem cleans out the closet, starting with trash rappers and ending with relational toxicity. He condemns modern day Hip-Hop by referencing trailblazers like Big Daddy Kane and Andre 3000 in juxtaposition to the talentless bandwagon rappers of today, blaming them for the decline in fan's analytical abilities. He goes on to acknowledge his actions against his peers during the heyday of his career, accepting his recent deflation in the industry as karma, remaining absolutely certain of his talent and contributions nonetheless. The album is pretty universal with sounds ranging from trap to rock, and solid in terms of performance.
After six years, RnB sensation, Lloyd released Tru.Tru is a classic RnB project, full of love and sex talk. The artist features artists like Sevyn Streeter, Lil Wayne and Rick Ross, always keeping the melodies in the forefront sonically.
After 4 years, the former Floetry member and now solo Marsha Ambrosuis will release her third studio project entitled Nyla on the 28th. The album is available for pre-sale with the ability to listen to tracks "Flood", "Luh Ya" and "Old times" now. Based off what the soul singer has shared thus far, I am expecting another pleasantly sensual album.