On the 28th, Marsha Ambrosius, released her third studio project entitled Nyla, and as predicted it is pleasantly sensual. Like her previous works, Marsha speaks on love in developing stages to its corruption on Nyla, and uses her vocal skills to express all the emotions felt in between. What sets this project apart from the others is the soul singer's exploration with native and techno sounds. As always the soul singer has supplied us with plenty of melodies, harmonies, and just outright soul! The project is effortlessly groovy, the impressive production worthy of a good bit of the album's praise. Nyla's jazzy vibes can be felt via major streaming platforms.
On the 28th, Hip-Hop artist Logic released his seventh album, YSIV (Young Sinatra 4). On YSIV, Logic pays homage to music, highlighting specific eras through the incorporation of specific sounds, some of of which are swing, funk, and lo-fi Hip-Hop. While Logic prides himself on being what would be considered an Emcee, he stands by his decision to explore creatively which has caused him to receive backlash. He uses YSIV to matter-of-factly acknowledge listeners concerns; what fans see as "unusual" music selections for Logic are actually just ways of the artist reflecting his personal growth artistically. The rapper still holds day-one messages at the forefront of his platform, continuously spreading positivity by encouraging growth regardless of adversity and unity. Overall, YSIV is solid. The album can be found on all streaming platforms.
Legendary Rapper, Lil Wayne has finally delivered his long awaited album, The Carter V, and to account for our time without it, the album is a lengthy 25 tracks. On The Carter V Wayne brings us up to date on all the things heard about him via the media. The rapper discusses love, suicide attempts, and even betrayal. He also reasserts himself as a major contributor to rap culture. The album is not his best lyrically, but compared to more recent releases by him, it will definitely do. Like many of his other albums he's gives us a variety in sound, including a signature rock track. Notable features include Snoop Dogg, Kendrick Lamar, Travis Scoot, and of course Nicki, however there are some unexpected feature as well. The album is available on all streaming platforms.